People must learn about what is arguably the best 2D DOS game out there.
Liero is a 2 player worm game (Liero is Finnish for Earthworm, Liero is pronounced "Lee-air-oh").
Either (or both) players can be set to CPU or human.
Although Liero is abandonware, it's reason for being abandoned is not simply because the author does not care, but rather because the hard drive containing it's source crashed.
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Note to Windows XP users:
Liero will not run on Windows XP without certain tweaks, which I will mirror here (with errors fixed):
To run Liero on a Windows XP machine, follow the direction below. If you follow the direction as they are written this WILL work.
2. Right click on LIERO.EXE, then choose 'Properties' from the context menu
3. A window titled 'LIERO.EXE Properties' should pop up
4. By default the 'General' tab is slected.
5. Click the 'Program' tab
6. The 'Cmd line:' should have something like "X:\folder\LIERO.EXE"
7. ('X:' is the drive and '\folder\' is the folder LIERO.EXE is in)
8. All you should have to do is add ' /n' to this box
9. You should not need to change anything else
10 The 'Cmd line:' box should now be something like "X:\folder\LIERO.EXE" /n
11. ('X:' is the drive and '\folder\' is the folder LIERO.EXE is in)
12. Liero should now run under Windows XP!!

What this does is turn the sound off. For some reason this will let you play liero under Windows XP. The only problem is that you don't have sound, but that's not a big deal, right? Now enjoy Liero on your Windows XP box!

Note to Windows 2000 users:
Liero will unfortunately not be able to run with sound on Windows 2000. It will simply fail to detect the sound card and will automatically decide to run without sound.

Note to users of Windows 2000 or Windows XP:
You shouldn't run into that sound problem though if you use DOSBox or Virtual PC (Windows 2000 version, Windows XP/Vista version) with Windows 9x or DOS installed on it.